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The trail is a 7.5 km circuit, beginning and ending at the church in Světlá pod Ještědem. Each panel focusses on an important aspect related to Karolina Světlá, developed via both text and images. In addition to Czech, the panels include English and German translations, and three stations (nos. 1, 4, 12) also feature audio recordings in English and German, translated by native speakers and narrated by professionals: an excerpt from the story Lesní panna (The Forest Maiden, 1863); reminiscences by Světlá on her upbringing, which should have confined her to the world of domestic work; and the dramatic encounter between Antoš and Sylva from the book Vesnický román (The Village Novel, 1867). These represent the first more autonomous translations of Karolina Světlá into any world language. We recommend walking the discovery nature trail as a one-day excursion. At two stations we have created original, artistically elaborated, relaxation benches for you. For adventurous souls we recommend the hunt for 5 caches related to the theme of Karolina Světlá. Along the discovery nature trail there are three possibilities for refreshments: the pub U Richtrů nearby the church, the ABC restaurant, and the Golf Club Ještěd restaurant. The closest accommodations are the Golf Club Ještěd guesthouse, the Horka guesthouse, and the Pláně pod Ještědem chalet. You can get to Světlá pod Ještědem by car or bus; there is no train service to this area. An alternative for active visitors would be to get to Světlá on foot: take the funicular from Liberec to Ještěd and then walk to Podještědí via Pláně along hiking trails replete with spectacular views (5 km). If you prefer a longer walk, we recommend the blue-marked path from Obří Sud in Jeřmanice to Pláně and then on to Světlá (11km).

Světlá pod Ještědem does not have its own information centre. Visit the local towns and villages. We have selected the nearest ones for you:

Osečná Information Centre

Svatovítské nám. 88
463 52 Osečná
Tel.: + 420 485 179 150

Český Dub Information Centre

Podještědské Museum and Library in Český Dub
Svobody 31/IV
463 43 Český Dub
Tel.: + 420 485 147 090

Stráž pod Ralskem Information Centre

Nám. 5. května 35
Stráž pod Ralskem
Tel: + 420 728 181 613

Liberec Tourist Information Centre

Ještědská 479
Liberec, 460 08

Liberec City Information Centre

Nám. Dr. E. Beneše 1
460 59 Liberec 1
Tel.: +420 485 101 709

For Schools

Please contact us for recommendations on how to make the most of this Discovery Nature Trail.

Karolina Světlá in the Media

The works of Karolina Světlá, as well as the life of the author herself, have been and still are the subjects of books, films and plays. We have selected the most interesting ones for you. If you have another tip, please let us know about it.


Ivona Březinová: Blonďatá Kerolajn (Blonde Caroline, 2006)

Andrea Fischerová: Dům v Orionu (The House in Orion, 2012)

Iva Hercíková: Johana (2012)

Biographical Film

Příběh lásky a cti (A Tale of Love and Feelings, 1977)

Film adaptations of Karolina Světlá’s works

Kříž u potoka (The Cross at the Stream, 1921 and 1937)

Nemodlenec (He Who Prays Not, 1924)


Crash u potoka (Crash at the Stream, Švandovo divadlo na Smíchově, Prague premiere 17 March 2012)


Along the Discovery Nature Trail “In the Footsteps of Karolina Světlá” you can find 5 new caches. Geocaching is a global phenomenon, a popular sport related to hiking. Objects are concealed (in boxes or caches) in hidden spots in the natural landscape or in cities. Their geographic coordinates and supplementary information are made public on the internet pages (vložit konkrétní stránku našich keší). Ordinary GPS hiking navigation is used to find them. Geocaching can be enjoyed by anyone who loves adventure and would like to enliven their time spent in the countryside. The treasure hidden along the discovery nature trail is all related to the life and works of Karolina Světlá.

#1 Modřín Marie Terezie

#2 Poslední odpočinek

#3 Po stopách Karoliny Světlé (Multicache)

#4 Skalákovna

[#5 U tří filků]