In the Footsteps of Karolina Světlá

Welcome to the Discovery Nature Trail “In the Footsteps of Karolina Světlá” This Discovery Nature Trail takes a new approach to the Podještědí area, the Ještěd Foothills, which are connected with the life and works of the famous 19th century Czech writer Karolina Světlá. The trail is made up of 12 information panels, thematic audio tracks and artistically conceived benches. The panels are planted with shrubs and flowers typical to the area. In the neighbourhood of the trail there are 5 hidden caches (geocaching). Our Internet pages contain tips for making the most of the nature trail, other accompanying texts, photographs and planned events connected to Karolina Světlá.

This Discovery Nature Trail was created by Stopy v krajině (Footprints in the Landscape), a non-profit civic society dedicated to supporting public perception of the landscape as a place where one can still trace the footprints of local culture and history written into it. As opposed to reading books, “reading the landscape” offers an immediate, live experience. The discovery nature trail is thus conceived so that the new information panels are in harmony with the beautiful Podještědí landscape, and so that their placement is tied to specific sites related to the person and works of Karolina Světlá. The goal of the project “In the Footsteps of Karolina Světlá” was to create a modern and attractive discovery nature trail and to also expand what the Podještědí tourism infrastructure has to offer.